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 Project of Ramathibodi Archives and Museum (RAM)

          Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital. Mahidol University has operated under various missions for more than 40 years. Activities of the faculty have advanced continuously and effectively in producing graduates in medical research. medical practice, services and health promotion. It was found that since the establishment of the Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital and the first operations in 1969 until today, there are many valuable events of learning and exemplary causing love and pride in the institution. Some events were in the words by telling each other. However, some information of the faculty being disappear. Due to the loss of the former important information which impact the history and learning assets, so the faculty initiates the "Project Ramathibodi Archives and Museum " or RAM . This project is to provision a collection of information which is valuable in the past of Ramathibodi including the valuable history from the persons who committed in the faculty history and being proud to be preserved for the benefit    of posterity in the future generations. The display area and services of the RAM will be at the second floor of the Medical Learning and Laboratory Building. Invite you to share your knowledge include recommendation on the issues of Archives & Museum of Ramathibodi Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital